Danby Wood Bird & Bat Boxes

Friday 5th June 2015

Today we were in Danby Wood putting up some bird and bat boxes in the trees.

Danby Wood is an area of woodland, with access from the Ipswich Road (Harford Hill), via Marston Lane, which is directly opposite the ‘Holiday Inn Hotel’.

Danby wood has recently undergone a bit of a make-over to improve this popular site. An improved path (made from crushed concrete) now runs from Marston Lane to the Park at the end of Danby Close.  Over the winter the woodland trees where thinned out, with the overall aim being to create an age structure to the woodland. This has allowed more sun light in, enabling more flowers to flourish, in turn attracting insects, butterflies and a wider variety of birds and hopefully bats, which feed on all these extra insects.


Upgrading of path
Upgrading of path


The Norwich Fringe Project has overseen this work, with contractors carrying out the tree thinning and path improvement work, supported by the Projects volunteers.  Over the winter supported by the local community we have helped restore an old hedgerow, on the boundary of the wood by planting a range of fruit and seed producing native tree species. On Friday 5th June myself and other volunteers helped install over 20 bird and bat boxes around Danby Wood. These boxes are made of a concrete-like material which will not rot as the wooden ones do. The new boxes have been numbered (if you see one they have white numbers on the bottom, and just in case you were wondering ‘’B’’ indicates a bat box) so that we can monitor their usage.


So today, Friday 5th June 2015, we roamed about the site looking for suitable locations for said boxes. We had different types of boxes for different kinds of birds; some suitable for Robins & Wrens (which have large access holes) and others for the likes of Blue & Great Tits (which like smaller round entrances to their nests).  We also put up different types of bat boxes, some for roosting and others for nesting.


New bat box now in position
New bat box now in position
Bird box ready for new visitors
Bird box ready for new visitors

Wondering around the site we found an improvised see-saw, made from a long log wedged in a low fork of a tree and ‘Liz’ had great fun showing us all what great fun children have on this type of playground equipment (will she ever grow up?-I hope not).

Written by Alan Rae, Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer


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