Marriott’s Way – Train Woods

Friday 12th June 2015

Today’s location was the start of the ‘Marriott’s Way’ also known as ‘Train Wood’,  the path starts between Barker Street and the river just off ‘Halfords Barn Road Roundabout’.

On warm and increasingly hot sunny day, we were joined by ‘The Friends of Train Wood’ volunteers to keep the area looking neat. There was about 12 – 14 people (I didn’t count) working today, so we got a lot of work done.

The tasks today were to cut the edges of the paths using both a mower and brush cutters (for areas it is difficult for the mower to get to).  A lot of the grasses have already set seeds, so there was plenty of these scattered about.  The other main task was litter picking along the main path and also the river side track. The litter pickers managed to collect an astonishing amount of refuse, which was sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable, the former being mainly empty drinks cans.

Alan and his Mower

A big thanks to everybody for all their hard work.

Written by Alan Rae, Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer