Green Lane – Drayton Work Day

Friday 10th July 2015

We traveled to the North of Norwich today to Drayton, to a quiet site down by the river Wensum. Chris from the Parish council was there to help us & let us know what was needed to be done.

As on lots of other sites the nettles are having a good year and they were almost blocking the entrance to the site, so the job of cutting them back was high on our list.

Further into the site there were two other jobs which needed to be tackled. One was some steps that lead down a  steep bank to the rivers edge.  Some of the steps had seen better days and had to be replaced (and covered with chicken wire to prevent slipping in wet weather). This also included repairing a number broken boards on the board walk.

Path 1Path 3

Next job was to clear the board walk as the nettles had overgrown the path and were growing as high as my hat!  We tackled the nettles with brush cutters, which we did in two stages, with a break in between for a welcome drink and rest in the shade of some statuesque beach trees. A picture of our handy work, after we had been through with the brush cutters.

Path 2

A hot day made us linger over lunch in the shade of those same trees, but eventually we got back to work with the last job of replacing several planks in the ‘board walk’ which had rotted.

Another job completed, so well done everybody.

Written by Alan Rae, Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer