‘’The Jolly Maltsters’’ Former Public House – Wildflower Meadow Management

Friday 28th August 2015

Our destination today was former public house called ‘’The Jolly Maltsters’’, located on the corner of King Street & Carrow Way.

I am sure that this has always been a busy place being close to the river and all the quays, that served the busy Norwich port. Today the traffic running past us on the ring road (this stretch of road carries both inner & outer ring road) was continuous with the added noise of heavy goods vehicles, rounding the corner from Carrow Way and accelerating up King Street towards Bracondale, made the noise even more resonant.

However, back to The Jolly Maltsters. The earliest records of this pub I could find was in 1822 when it was called ‘’The Jolly Brewers’’. In 1839 – 1853 the name was ‘’The Three Maltsters’’ and after these dates it seems to have a new name of ‘’Ye Jolly Maltsters’’; but when it became The Jolly Maltsters is not clear.

Records show that the pub was owned by the Norwich brewer ‘Steward Patterson & Stewart’ between 1850 and 1967, at which point it was under the ownership of ‘Watney Mann’ from 1967 until 1972 and from 1972 – 1984 by the brewers ‘Courage’.  They offered it up for sale in 1982, but by 1984 it was occupied by squatters and demolished the same year.  The reason given for the demolition was for road improvements.  There was a suggestion that the city council was to put a roundabout at the corner of King Street and Carrow Way but that never happened.

Our task for the day was fairly straight forward, to cut back all the wildflower meadow, followed by ‘raking and forking’ what had been cut into a compost heap at the back of the site.  We used our brush cutters (petrol motor powered strimmers) to cut the grass, but we had to follow the initial cut with a follow up cut, as the growth was so dense.

Jolly Malsters

We also tidied up the site and collected a lot of litter, mostly beer cans and bottles plus the usual quantity of caffeine drink cans; today’s collection was three full bin bags

So all done and dusted by lunch time, which left the afternoon to enjoy the pleasant sunny weather, except Matt who had to go back to his office. What a shame!

Written by Alan Rae, Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer