Millennium Wood, North Burlingham – Woodland Management continued

Friday 4th December 2015

Today is a re-run of last Friday, Millennium Wood in North Burlingham, thinning out the weaker and smaller trees to create more space and light for the larger ones that remain.

Last Friday as we watched the fire dying down, I commented to Matt that in fifty years’ time this will be a well-established (mainly) Oak woodland for others to enjoy but unfortunately we would not be around to see it. I think that this is what ‘The Norwich Fringe Project’ is trying to achieve, here, and at other sites in and around Norwich, to help to develop open (green) areas for the benefit of the public at large.  It’s a hackneyed expression, I know but we are custodians of our environment, hoping to pass on to the next generation the land in a better state. 

Blog 18 - Millennium Wood, North Burlingham

We are almost at the years end, so a good time to look back at what we have done in 2015. The idea of writing a blog about our weekly activities was never formally discussed, it just happened. Matt wanted to improve the ‘Fringe’ web page so it was arranged that just after Easter this year, four of us would attend a short course on setting up/improving web sites. Matt said – ‘’we need somebody to write a blog to enhance the web site’’, so I volunteered to give it a go, not thinking how it would take off. My first missive was in late May and they have just continued, – ‘Just like that’ – as Tommy Cooper would have said.

What work we do on our weekly outings does not vary much season to season, woodland work in the winter and autumn, and in the spring and summer it’s mostly grass cutting and fencing work. However each season, when we go back to the same sites you can see the improvements that have been achieved. More flowers, insects and bird life, the woodland floor with more light, flourishing with new plant growth and I think, yes that is better. We meet on a weekly basis, some on Thursdays and some on Fridays at a pre-arranged location and there Matt or Paula outline our tasks for the day. So the weeks tick by and season by season the work varies but the next year the same round of activities come around again and so the years tick by.

Volunteers in action at the Norwich Fringe Project

I started working with Matt four years ago when I retired because I wanted to keep active but after four years of ‘wanting to keep active’ it has become ‘getting involved’ – and I am sure that all the other volunteers – too many to mention by name – feel the same involvement.

So it will not be until 2016 that we see how things have changed as a result of our efforts and it’s great to go back to different sites and see the changes and think – ‘We did that’. Year by year the differences at each site can be seen, which is, for me, the attraction.

To look back on our years activities and log our activities would be a bit mundane, so we should look forward to seeing the results next year, and the next, and the next……..

The last activity of 2015 will be a get together for an end of year celebration for which there will be no blog, at least, not from me.

Written by Alan Rae Norwich Fringe Project volunteer

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  1. Thank you for writing your blog entries and filling people in on the work that the Fringe Project does. As a wildlife enthusiast I visit a number of the locations around Norwich that the Fringe Project work on, and I’d like to thank everyone for all the hard work helping to manage these sites.
    All the best for 2016,


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