Harrison’s Wood – Information at your fingertips!

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Well I thought it was my turn to put a few words together and write a blog about the recent work we have been doing in Harrison’s Wood, off Blue Boar Lane and Salhouse Road, over the past few months.

Our resident blog writer, Ernest Hemingway aka Alan Rae, wrote a few words about our Way Marking work day in Harrison’s Wood on Thursday 18th December 2015. Alan also introduced us to the history and management of the wood as well. 

We have been continuing to work with Broadland Council to help improve the site ready for the public to access the site.

Myself and Keith Brown, a regular volunteer, ventured into the woodland last Wednesday to install a recycled plastic interpretation board, which will provide a map and information about the woodland and where to walk.  Having had interesting experiences in the past, when digging holes to install posts and signs, we were pleasantly surprised to find soft digging conditions.

Interpretation Board Installation

In no time at all two holes had been dug, then the fun began putting the interpretation board together, which way does it go Keith? We soon had the sign upright, a crane would have been handy! Then it was the fun of getting the sign level. If you remember the Chuckle Brothers then the phrase” To me to you to me to you!” Certainly comes to mind.  After a couple of bags of post mix, more levelling up and lots of tapping it was time for lunch!

Having returned back to Harrison’s Wood with regular volunteers Chris and Chris on Monday 8th February 2106 to finish off the cycle path with more Type one material, we ventured back to the interpretation sign, which hadn’t moved! Using some left over granite material we laid a firm base in front of it.

Just waiting for the interpretation board to arrive, I think I ordered it!

Written by Matthew Davies, Norwich Fringe Project Officer