Harrison’s Wood – The Roman Road!

Thursday 4th February 2016

Believe it or not I was at work at 7.30am on this fine morning in Feb, luckily the van and trailer was already loaded. So it was just a question of hooking up the trailer and off to get hot water for the tea breaks, yes we do allow them!

By the way have you seen the new tea box, built by Keith; I think the plastic one had seen its day and has now been thankfully recycled, I hear you say! 

New tea box

Having arrived on site around 8.30am to await the delivery of the bags of hard-core and wood for the path, I ventured into the tea box and just as I had made a welcomed brew the lorry arrived! Never mind.

With the materials delivered, our team assembled and health and safety boxes ticked! We were off! Keith took charge of the fencing team, with Fireman Chris organising the team of navies to sort out the path!

The path required edging boards to be laid along the edge of the path and geotextile membrane put down to keep the stone separate from the woodland floor, allowing drainage.  Laying the path directly onto the woodland floor avoids disturbing the tree roots below.

As you will see from the photos we used a tracked dumper, with Chris the chief driver for the day, and a compaction plate to compact down the aggregate material. As you may have read in Alan’s blog the tracked dumper isn’t the faster piece of machinery on the earth, although it is a lot easier than using wheel barrows!

Path design

The new path designed by Sue one of our volunteers, who has an eye for detail, lined up the path so that it flowed into the woodland; smoothly linking the tarmac path with the woodland.

Keith’s team quickly got to grips with the fence and a string line was used to get a straight line. Digging the holes for the posts was fairly straight forward, once we got through a section of rubble and stone, then it was straight into sand. Eight holes later and a few section of rails and handful or two of nails and the fence was up.  Well with a tea break or two in-between!


We were all really pleased with our efforts, although I do have a confession to make. We ran out of stone so on Monday it was a trip, with Fireman Chris, to Long water Gravel for 0.9 tonnes, according to the weigh bridge, of aggregate, then a trip back to Harrison’s Wood. Where we put the finishing touches to the path, helped by another Chris, lots of Chris’s on the team!

Another job finished thanks everyone.

Written by Matthew Davies, Norwich Fringe Project Officier