Harrison’s Wood – Installation of Bird Boxes

Friday 13th May 2016

Our destination today is once again ‘Harrisons Wood’ (location U on the ‘Where we work’ page of our web site) and the plan is to put bird boxes around the site and give the paths a cut with the mower.

The site was officially opened this week and on Wednesday Matt hosted a day out in the woods with children from a local primary school. A report of their day was featured in the ‘Eastern Daily Press’ yesterday, which can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted link. By all accounts they all (including Matt) had great fun building a ‘Den’ in the depths of the wood and the accompanying photo in the ‘EDP’ seems to bear this out.

The bird boxes (about twelve of them) we were to put up in the trees, were made by an occasional volunteer – Richard – who made them out of some off-cuts of timber he had. They varied in size from small boxes for Robins or Wrens through too much larger ones for Owls. The boxes were attached high up on mature pine trees whose lower branches have all died and fallen off, which makes it more difficult for over inquisitive passers-by to disturb any nesting birds.

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For us to reach these heights and in order to attach the bird boxes we needed a long ladder, Chris our very own ex-Firefighter, being used to heights, took charge of the job of climbing the ladder with a bird box under his arm.

Whilst the bird box fixing was going on, the footpaths were given an early seasonal hair cut with the mower as well as some bramble bushes which were encroaching onto parts of the paths which were cut back with brush cutters.

Not a very busy day so we managed to get finished by lunch time.

 Written by Alan Rae, Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer