Hales Green – Thistle Bashing Part 2

Friday 16th September 2016

There is a well known phrase in the English language which I am sure originated from the cricket squares of England, and that is, ‘rain stopped play’, well this was certainly true today.

Hales Green Thistle Bashing

We were on ‘Hales Green’ again to continue where we left off on our previous visit; trying to eradicate the problem thistles.  The weather at the start of the day was a bit dark and threatening to rain but we thought a little drizzle wouldn’t harm, so we set about our task with mower and brush cutters. Within half an hour that drizzle was heavy rain and within another thirty minutes we were very wet. Discretion being the better part of valour, we decided enough was enough and called it a day.

Not a lot more to report except to say that we cut down some thistles and had a cup of tea under a tree.

Despite wearing waterproofs when I got home everything I was wearing was wet.

Written by, Alan Rae Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer.