Train Wood – Fishing Platforms Installation

Friday 4th November 2016

This Friday was the culmination of three days’ work to install two fishing platforms on the river bank in ‘Train Wood’. The work started on Wednesday when some staff members from ‘Aviva’ had one of their regular ‘Team building’ days out with Matt and some of our regular volunteers. Thursday was a normal volunteer’s day, when they progressed the platforms some more and today we managed to complete the task.


Unlike the benches that have been erected over the last few weeks which are made especially for us and made from green oak, these platforms are made from recycled plastic. There are two main advantages to using plastic as opposed to wood and they are: –

a) Plastic will not rot.

b) When wet, it is not slippery and so there is no need to attach chicken wire to prevent accidents. (The green algae and moss that makes wood slippery in the wet does not grow on this recycled plastic).

The platforms are bought as units, and can be in varying lengths, to be assembled on site.  The ones we have are 3 meters in length by 1.5 meters wide, which provides a good elevation over the river and easy access from the bank.


Like the benches the platforms have been paid for by ‘Groundwork Trust’ for ‘The Friends of Train Wood’ and ‘Norwich Fringe Project’ volunteers doing the installation.

As an adjunct to the installation of the fishing platforms (as we have done with the installation of the benches along the pathways), we cleared some of the higher growing vegetation, around the installation site, to allow a lot more sun light onto the ground. This will stimulate more ground level plant growth, which in turn will attract more insects, birds and other wildlife to the site; and make the paths a more attractive wildlife area for everybody.

Written by Alan Rae, Norwich Fringe Project Volunteer