Reepham – Replacing Steps and a Kissing Gate

Friday 31st March 2017

Friday saw a return to Reepham station but this time we had a half-mile walk towards Aylsham to get to our work site. Two main tasks today: to completely replace a kissing gate and repair a flight of worn out steps. We also extended a fence line to prevent erosion caused by people bypassing a stile. We again split into two teams. The steps presented the usual challenges about how many and what step height. Given that all the step team were vertically challenged we opted for a steady rise which required four steps to replace the original two steps.

Steps being replaced and fence reinstated so that people will use the stile again.

This was a new task for most of the team but as ever they rose to the challenge and the end result shows what a great job they did. They were then able to join the other team to offer advice and encouragement to help them finish their task.

Building a new kissing gate requires a bit of planning to work out where the hanging and closing posts need to be and then sort out the position of the other posts and rails. Holes need to be dug and posts bedded well in to ensure a close and secure fit. It all took a bit longer than expected so another long day before we trekked back to our cars at Reepham station.

The old kissing gate removed and the new one installed.

Our work along Marriott’s Way was commissioned by Norfolk County Council and is funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Our work at Reepham station to uncover an overgrown platform is part of an Industrial Heritage Project to uncover and reveal platforms and other structures along the route. These have become overgrown and hidden since the line closed but once revealed will show how much infrastructure supported the working railway. We expect to undertake further work along the trail over the next twelve months.