Danby Wood Park – A New Hedgerow Is Planted

Saturday 1st April 2017

A day in the life of the Norwich Fringe Project!

The first thing Paula, Project Assistant at the Norwich Fringe Project, said to me when I arrived at the tool store, to load up for the day was: “I was half expecting you to text me and say April Fool to me for coming to work on 1st April.”  With that in mind we quickly loaded up with the tools and materials for the day, hoping its wasn’t going to be April Fool today!

The first stop was to collect the most important item of the day milk for the teas and coffees and donuts!

Planting of the hedgerow by the volunteers. Looking around the park, a children’s playground can be enjoyed by the young at heart.

The task today was planting a new hedgerow to screen the chain link boundary fence adjacent to the Hand Car Wash place on Ipswich Road in Danby Park off Danby Close. Until I was asked to plant a new hedgerow, I didn’t really know much about Danby Park, I can say it’s a really amazing open space with great play equipment for children, a great place to walk your dog and a haven for wildlife with trees and hedgerows. I recall someone saying to me that there is thought to be a series of tunnels underneath the park, once used to mine out the chalk below the ground.

In order to give the hedgerow plants, which were made up of hazel, hawthorn, spindle, plum and field maple, the best chance of survival, we had organised a delivery of wood mulch.

The wood mulch helps to stop other vegetation from competing with the newly planted hedgerow, which would take away vital moisture and nutrients. Our knight in shining armour, Darrell Moore of Moore Trees arrived with a pay load of wood mulch. A big thanks to Darrell for spending his Saturday morning helping us out at no charge to the Project.

The completed and newly planted hedgerow where in the future it will attract more local wildlife to the area like the Peacock butterfly (Aglais io).

As soon as the mulch had been dropped off in three piles along the line of the hedgerow, to be planted, our band of volunteers, from Eaton Rise Residents Association and the Friends of Danby Wood arrived. I busied myself with sorting out the line of the hedgerow and getting it ready for the trees to be planted. Paula demonstrated how to plant the trees and then we were off; with more volunteers turning up, we were soon getting to grips with the task at hand.

Before we knew it, it was time for a tea break and those donuts! With over half the job competed and the wood mulch piles going down I could see we were on the home straight. There was no stopping the team after tea break, wheel barrows of wood mulch where being filled and emptied and the trees where being planted.

The idea was to plant a double hedgerow, with trees to spare we managed to put in another row of trees, which will help to thicken up the hedge.

By 11.45am after a 9.30am start, the job was completed, a big thanks to the 10 or so volunteers and Kathleen Rowlands for organising the local community to help plant the hedge.

Some of the local wildlife enjoying the sunshine and blossom nectar from the trees around the park Peacock butterfly (Aglais io) and Comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album).

Sadly, there was no rest for myself and Paula, after a quick cup of tea and Paula’s rocket fuel, (very strong black coffee) we were off in the truck down to Marston Marshes to repair a couple of broken wooden boards on the pedestrian bridge. A big thanks to Mike Sutton one of the regular dog walkers on Marston Marshes who keeps a watchful eye on the Marston Marshes, we joke about him being the deputy ranger for the Marsh!