Hotels for our Bugs and Creepy Crawlies

Sunday 2nd July 2017

If you were out and about in South Norfolk last Sunday, you may have met our Paula (Project Assistant at the Norwich Fringe Project), attending the `South Norfolk on Show’, an event organised by South Norfolk Council.

Her normal role, is leading our regular Thursday group of volunteers where you will see her clearing paths, venturing into ponds in chest waders, wielding a chainsaw to clear Blackthorn scrub or coppicing Hazel and other trees. However, on this day she was working with South Norfolk’s Helen Sibley (Community Asset Lead), building bug hotels. You may ask, what is a bug hotel and how is made? Well so did I. It’s basically a bundle of sticks, bits of reed, even stones that can be put together where spiders, creepy crawlies and other insects can crawl into and hide away.

Paula showing and helping someone to construct a bug hotel for their garden.

On this occasion Paula made bug hotels using reed and bamboo canes tied together with a piece of string. A big thank-you goes to Norfolk Wildlife Trust for supplying the reed.

My son’s nurseries have a very big bug hotel made from layers of wooden pallets, with other types of materials located in them. The children love searching for insects and creepy crawlies that now inhabit this structure.

I had a quick look on the web and there are loads of variations on the theme of bug hotels. I found this link which may give you some ideas about bug hotels. It describes how to build them using materials found in the garden or at home.