“The Running Hare”

I have been volunteering with the Fringe project for around five years now and have learned much about the environment and conservation. This has encouraged me to read about the subject to improve my understanding. I discovered that Norwich Library has a great selection of books on the topic and I occasionally borrow one as an alternative to my usual racy novels! The latest read was John Lewis-Stempel’s “The Running Hare” which charts his year-long project to create a wildlife rich area on a barren field. What he achieved during that year was pretty amazing, bringing back hares and other animals and birds through managing the area in an environmentally friendly way. It is a great story and a very easy read interspersed with stories from the past and poems by John Clare. It also chimes with what we do through the Norwich Fringe Project to help the wildlife on the fringes of our urban environment. The book was recently promoted through the “Journeys of Discovery” theme at Norwich Library and I thoroughly recommend it.