A Special Thank You

Monday 21st May 2018

Last year, when we were doing our usual winter coppicing work, we spent a few days tackling and cutting back some Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum) and Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) stands within a site managed by the Broadland District Council, Spring Plantation near Taverham. At the time, we were working alongside Annie Sommazzi (Broadland District Countryside Officer) to remove some of the larger stands, thereby allowing more light in, to reach the woodland floor and to allow the native trees and plants found onsite to flourish once again.

Sometimes, after working on a site, we may not be able to come back to a site for a while and therefore we miss the sights gained from the ‘fruits of our labour’. Luckily, we recently received some lovely feedback from a member of the public, who wanted to share their recent experience and photos of the woodland with us. They write:

The bluebells are on display in force this year as you can see from the photos taken by our anonymous writer. 😊🌼🌼

“I’ve had severe M.E for 20 years, I am living in a nursing home and am largely bedbound . In the past two years I have managed to venture out for very short distances in an electric wheelchair. The furthest I can make, on a good day, is to the Spring Plantation woods, and for a nature lover like me, the circular ‘walk’ around it is a truly wonderful experience.

In past weeks it has been particularly magical with the beautiful bluebells. My trips there have been the highlight of my days.

I notice that you are part of a team who maintains the woods, and I just wanted to make contact to say thank you, without the Spring Plantation I would be completely deprived of the lush beauty of nature and it’s ever changing cycles. The magnificent trees and shrubs fill me with a wonderful healing energy at all times of the year. Please know that your work is valued and makes a real difference.”


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