Reaching the Summit

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th July

Over two very hot days we replaced the final section of fencing on Kett’s Heights to reach the summit. We started this project back in May and over a period of five work days the fence has been completed and is looking great. The old chain-link fence had reached the end of its life some time ago with rotten posts and collapsed fencing. Now a new post and rail fence, which will last for many years, provides a safe barrier alongside the path to the upper terrace.

The food that feeds our army of volunteers to build a fence, along with copious cups of tea and coffee of course. 😀☕🔨👍

Over the weeks our team of volunteers have dug many post holes in difficult terrain – battling with a layer of clinker and tree roots. As well as being vertical the fence had to follow the line of the ascending, curving and undulating path and after the first couple of sections we worked out how best to do this. Essentially the trick was to dig a number of post holes, clamp the post and rails together to get the levels and position right before filling in around the posts and firming these in place and moving on to the next section. Job done, and lessons learned for future projects of a similar nature.

The Friends of Kett’s Heights do a great job managing the site and making this an attractive place to visit. Our volunteers have also undertaken additional work around the site by brushcutting the terraces, weeding around trees and cutting back overhanging shrubs and trees. We have the tools and the expertise to supplement the work done by the Friends.

Spot of weeding and cutting back of overgrown shrubs from the pathway. And at the end of the day, time to test out the completed fence and admire the views of the city. 🧐😎

It is a great place to work (and visit) with wonderful views across the City. The weather has been glorious and getting hotter as the work days progressed into July. Everything we do requires manual labour, so it can be physically tiring on hot days. Regular tea breaks and a supply of biscuits (and often cakes as well) has helped us get through it all!

So, if you haven’t been to Kett’s Heights make sure you visit soon. Not just to see and admire our new fence but to enjoy the views and tranquillity of the site. There are also many interesting bits and pieces around the site such as the reclaimed bricks and material from the old gasworks that have been used.  Take a picnic and sit down and have good look at the City from a different angle.

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