Another year comes to an end

So, as well as being the final work days of the year, our time at Jubilee Park, Rackheath was also the end of an era since it was also Paula’s last day as a Fringe Project staff member (she has threatened/promised to come back as a volunteer). Unsurprisingly we had cakes to celebrate her last outing and the truck tailgate was loaded with scrumptious offerings: Liz had contributed her spicy cheese jacks, Ian’s wife had made us sausage rolls, Paula had made tiffin and Matt had brought mince pies and gooey cakes. Paula had also brought along a large tin of chocolates – just in case. We chomped our way through the offerings doing our best to consume everything and had a second attempt during lunch but there was still some cake and lots of chocolates left over when we finished – we did our best.

Our tailgate tucker was full of some yummy treats for Paula’s last day. Happy adventures and lots of laughter for the future Paula.

As ever, it has been a busy year with more than 92 workdays delivered by our volunteers as well as supporting other workdays with Friends Groups. We have roamed around the edges of Norwich as well as venturing out into the wider Norfolk countryside to visit Horsford, Swardeston, Poringland, Caistor St Edmund, Hales Green, Flordon, Crostwick and Rackheath. We have worked just a few metres above sea level at Whitlingham and climbed up to the roof of Norwich at Ketts Heights. We have worked in heavy rain and blazing sunshine but kept going to finish whatever tasks our leaders challenged us with. Our workdays are social occasions as well as active sessions in a healthy outdoor environment. Who needs to go to the gym when you can exercise outdoors?

Our multi-talented volunteers enjoying a Christmas luncheon and a quick spin around the dance floor.

On Friday 13th December our volunteers gathered at the Cottage off Thunder Lane in Norwich to celebrate the end of the year with a Christmas Lunch and a few bevvies. The lunch was hosted by our leaders and we donned our party hats and ate our fill. It is always good to get together in a more relaxed and sociable setting out of the wind and rain! Some of our volunteers only do either of our workdays each week so it is an opportunity to meet up those who they rarely see because they work on different days. It also an opportunity to dress up in our finery rather than our work wear. We will now have a well-earned rest for three weeks until we re-group in January and start all over again!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.