Thank you for the steps

Over the past few weeks you may have seen our band of volunteers working away at rebuilding a flight of wooden steps on the northern end of Caistor Roman Town (Venta Icenorum). The existing steps after many years of feet, hooves and paws needed to be replaced.

Last Wednesday after a lot of digging, measuring, staking and back filling the steps were completed and are now ready for use.  By the time we had packed up our tools, cake tins and ourselves, we had received this lovely feedback from a regular dog walker of the site about our work. He wrote:

“I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks for the work that the Fringe Team has done with the repairs to the two steep footpaths/steps up the earth walls at the Roman village at Caistor (en route to Stoke Holy Cross).

They have just finished the steep ’39 Steps’ at the Northern side of the Village which were becoming very difficult to climb given the sheep damage. I walk there with dog almost every day and have watched their progress with keen interest. They have done a really good professional job and I am sure it will last well.

As a family we have done a fair amount of ‘Pitching’ for the National Trust up on the Lakeland Fells trying to repair the erosion there – it takes some effort! To my mind the Fringe project at Caistor has been just brilliant and I wanted to pass on my appreciation for a job well done to those concerned if possible.

Thank you for your efforts – very much appreciated!

Colonel Paddy Panton and dog.”