Lockdown musings

Greetings Fringe Fans from Planet Covid-19!

We’re all missing more intimate contact with other forms of human life and for me that includes my fellow volunteers!  They won’t be surprised that I’ve selflessly continued the tradition of cake baking and eating, but haven’t held a pair of loppers in my hand for nearly 4 months (oh matron!). My boots are clean (see previous posting) but now need dusting.

So how have I been keeping myself busy and relatively sane?

I kick started lockdown with a positive attitude and tackled much over due housework and furniture moving. Then outside into our small paved city garden. We have a rather grandly named Summerhouse where the husband spends a great deal of time reading, writing and snoozing.  In a bid to make it more cosy we’d bought a traditionally built armchair off Gumtree and small heater, but needed a separate space for potentially flammable materials. We found a charming beach hut style store shed online and I assembled it using my screwdriver skills (still ended up with a blister on my palm!)

Fortunately we live within walking distance of lots of lovely green spaces – Earlham Cemetery, Eaton Park, UEA Broad and The Yare Valley. So while the husband self-isolates in his ‘shed’ I’ve been walking regularly and occasionally birdwatching.

Like many others I’ve also caught the jigsaw bug and have now finally completed THE MOST frustrating map of Norwich. I’m intending to seal it with sticky film and hang it somewhere as a Covid-19 keepsake.

I’ve painted my kitchen stool, circa 1938, which now acts as a plant stand, and the window frame of the downstairs loo!

AND we finally watched Series 8 of Game of Thrones – thanks Robert for keeping the ending a secret since Autumn 2019!

However, I have to say it hasn’t all been fun-filled frenetic activity. We’ve both had our groundhog days and periods of desperate anxiety about absent family and friends, but know, despite our great age, that we are very lucky – we have reasonable health, financial security a house and garden and supportive neighbours.

Best wishes to everyone – Keep Safe and Alert