Matthew Davies (Project Officer)

I’m an experienced Countryside Specialist / Project Manager responsible for managing, developing and enhancing many of Norwich’s Urban Fringe Countryside sites by successfully improving the ecological and community value of these natural areas over a period of 20 years.



Paula Hughes (Project Assistance)

I have been working part-time at the Norwich Fringe Project for the past 12 years, my main role is working with our team of volunteers looking after a diverse range of countryside sites. Having worked as a nurse both in this country and abroad for most of my working life I decided to change career some 15 years ago. Working for the Norwich Fringe Project I haven’t looked back, especially as they provide me enough black coffee to sink a battle ship!!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANorwich Fringe Project’s Volunteers

Our merry band of volunteers are the backbone to the work of the Norwich Fringe Project; made up of work student placements, retired people and those having a career break they enable the Project to manage a wide range of sites. These include woodlands, meadows, marshes and ponds, no job is too big for this team. Supplied with mugs of tea, coffee and even Bovril, this team will turn their hand to fencing work, path repair, woodland management work and much more.