Another year comes to an end

So, as well as being the final work days of the year, our time at Jubilee Park, Rackheath was also the end of an era since it was also Paula’s last day as a Fringe Project staff member (she has threatened/promised to come back as a volunteer). Unsurprisingly we had cakes to celebrate her last outing and the truck tailgate was loaded with scrumptious offerings: Liz had contributed her spicy cheese jacks, Ian’s wife had made us sausage rolls, Continue reading Another year comes to an end

Finished thinning the tree belt

For the second year running our final workdays of the year have been at Jubilee Park in Rackheath. Over four days we thinned out around 170 metres of woodland along the western and southern boundaries and chipped all the arisings. The chippings were used on the footpaths that run through the tree belt. Continue reading Finished thinning the tree belt