Bowthorpe Three Score Ancient Hedgerow

We’re back and starting to tackle all those jobs that have been postponed since lockdown started in March. Matt and Paula have been busy throughout trying to keep on top of the most urgent jobs but really needed the capacity and capability of our volunteers to deal with the rest. Continue reading Bowthorpe Three Score Ancient Hedgerow

Lockdown musings

Greetings Fringe Fans from Planet Covid-19!

We’re all missing more intimate contact with other forms of human life and for me that includes my fellow volunteers!  They won’t be surprised that I’ve selflessly continued the tradition of cake baking and eating, but haven’t held a pair of loppers in my hand for nearly 4 months (oh matron!). Continue reading Lockdown musings

Memories of Box Strainers

My morning cycle rides take me around the quiet lanes and byways between home and Wymondham. My other boundaries are the A140 and the A47. Everything in between is accessible without going on a main road. The route is mostly bordered by farmland with hedgerows, tree belts and fences marking the boundaries. As I tootle along, I gaze into the woodlands noting whether these are being managed or just left to nature to sort things out. Continue reading Memories of Box Strainers

Let them eat cake!

“Let them eat cake!” Is what Marie-Antoinette is supposed to have said when she heard that the starving French peasants had no bread sometime back in the late 1700s. Whether it is true or not will be the subject of long debate but if you said it to our volunteers they would say “yes please”. And not only would they eat the cake, but they probably made it in the first place! Continue reading Let them eat cake!