So, that was Winter!

We are now officially in meteorological Spring and Winter has flown by with few really cold days and no snow locally. Just one work day¬†in December¬†cancelled because of the cold weather. Continue reading So, that was Winter!

Autumnal Manoeuvres

The end of November marks the change from meteorological autumn to winter. Following weeks of unseasonably warm weather it has now started to turn colder. Our volunteers have embraced the earlier warmth, although our Thursday group may wish to highlight the very wet days they have experienced! Continue reading Autumnal Manoeuvres

From Marshland Fencing to a Wildflower Meadow

Following on from our mammoth step building project in the steeper parts of Queens Hills we have spent the past few weeks working on much flatter terrain at Earlham Marsh. The site is a place we visit regularly to cut the paths around Millennium Green Pond and other areas and during our recent work days we have replaced or repaired a lot of the fencing around the site. Continue reading From Marshland Fencing to a Wildflower Meadow

Queen’s Hills Stairway to Heaven

Much of our work is completed within a day or two but occasionally we tackle some long jobs which require more of our time. The replacement bridge at Marston Marsh and the steps at Caistor St Edmund being good examples. During June /July we completed our longest job yet when over 7 work days we constructed around 50 metres of steps in Queen’s Hills. Dubbed by Matt as the “Stairway to heaven”. Continue reading Queen’s Hills Stairway to Heaven