Out and about in the merrie month of May

Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’ goes the old saying. Our volunteers were back out on our sites during May and whether or not they “cast a clout” depends on your understanding on what this means. The popular view is that this refers to casting-off clothing layers as the weather warms up and we did have some sunny days in May where we got down to our shirtsleeves. Continue reading Out and about in the merrie month of May

Something to remember

Well, I can’t believe it, where have all the years gone! This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and Matt has been featured in the March edition of the Norfolk Magazine. Have a read to see who we are and what we do in the countryside in and around the city of Norwich.

Bits and Bobs for February

For the past two months we have all been under lockdown and advised to stay at home other than for specified reasons. Our PM has announced the Roadmap to move us out of the restrictions and it looks like our volunteers could be released back into the wild from the end of March. In reality that probably means re-starting our work after Easter and initially under the rule of six. Continue reading Bits and Bobs for February

Chris’ Ginger Oatcakes

As we are all in lockdown at the moment, it is hard not to reminisce about the times when we use to gather around the truck tailgate for a cuppa and grab one of the latest baking delights. To keep in practice for when we are able to safely gather again, Chris has been trying out and perfecting his version of ginger oatcakes for you to enjoy. Continue reading Chris’ Ginger Oatcakes