Footpath Maintenance Part 1

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th April 2018

Back in 2011 a grant from the Big Lottery Fund enabled an accessible footpath to be constructed around Marston Marsh. The kilometre-long path is a popular destination for walkers and nature lovers throughout the year and is very well used by families, dog walkers and wheelchair users. Marston Marsh is part of the Yare Valley floodplain and following periods of heavy rain, high water levels occasionally cover the site inundating the path. Generally, the path survives unscathed, but wear and tear takes its toll and the Norwich Fringe Project has to make any necessary repairs. Continue reading Footpath Maintenance Part 1

The “Not so OK Corral”

Thursday 5th April 2018

Today we gathered at Eaton Common on a bright and sunny day to remove an old cattle corral. The original plan was to work on Marston Marsh but flooding following the heavy rain over Easter meant that our intended work site was under water! A large area of Eaton Common was also flooded but our work area was on higher, dry ground. Continue reading The “Not so OK Corral”