A Roundup of Recent Workdays

As well as our longer projects our Volunteers also tackle many shorter, day long jobs, around our patch. This is the time of year when we are between the intense woodland work and the start of the regular path cutting projects and is a time to catch up with the smaller jobs around our sites. The following projects undertaken during April are typical of the sort of things we do. Continue reading A Roundup of Recent Workdays

Fencing and gates

It’s Spring so our Volunteers leave the woodlands behind them and venture out into the wide-open expanses of our marshes and commons. We leave the woodlands to the birds to re-populate their species in peace and quiet. So, on a beautiful Spring Thursday (14th March) our volunteers could be found huddling under a tree to escape the heavy rain. Matt asked if we wanted to stay and suggested an early tea break while we considered our options. Continue reading Fencing and gates