Blackthorn Time Again!

Thursday 15th & Friday 16th November 2018

Regular readers of our Blogs will recognise that our work is cyclical with the same sites appearing each season and with similar work being undertaken. For us volunteers such visits mark the progress of the year and enable us to see the fruits of our labours from previous seasons. Swardeston Common is a good case since we visit here throughout the year working on different sections – the meadows in the Summer and woodlands in the Autumn and Winter. Continue reading Blackthorn Time Again!

Opening up the Footpath

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st September 2018

The Press love using comparisons to tell us how big something is. A common one is how many Olympic sized swimming pools could be filled by the item. Another favourite is comparing the length of something to a number of football pitches. Well, I am going to follow their example this week and tell you that the distance from the car park at Ketts Park to where we were working was the length of 2.5 football pitches (and the same back). That’s because we had to walk across these to get to our start point! And some of us did it two days running! Continue reading Opening up the Footpath