Pollarding the Limes

Our first visit to Charter Wood this season sees us thinning out a further area of the woodland. This time we concentrated on an area largely planted with oaks, limes and hornbeam. Matt Davies was in charge for both days (24/25 January) as Paula was on holiday.

The plan was to low-pollard the faster growing limes to give more space for the slower growing oaks. Pollarding reduces the height of the tree to around 3 or 4 foot, but it will continue to grow new shoots leading to a bushier shape. Continue reading Pollarding the Limes

The Final Push

Thursday 8th & Friday 9th February 2018

So, it was back to Charter Wood for our intrepid band of volunteers to finish planting the extended woodland.

Our Thursday group once again had a crisp cold start and tackled the lower section where one of the pylons had been removed. A good-sized team was out today which was helpful because we had a large area to plant up.  Continue reading The Final Push