Benches and Boardwalks

Our recent outings have seen our volunteers building benches and repairing a boardwalk.

The first of the benches was installed at Marston Marsh on 26 July to replace one that had fallen over when the supports finally rotted. It was a very hot Friday and only a few of us had braved the weather but there was enough of us to complete our tasks for the day. Continue reading Benches and Boardwalks

Cooper Wood – Boardwalk Repairs and Other Jobs

Thursday 3rd August 2017

Our last visit here was in mid-May to cut along the sides of the boardwalk. Everything had grown up again and was just about ready to engulf the boardwalk so our visit here was timely. We also had some boardwalk repairs to do to replace rotten boards and make the walkway safe.

The River Yare was running high and clear along the edge of the site. The large meadow area had been left uncut, apart from the main pathways, so was full of flowers and looking good. Continue reading Cooper Wood – Boardwalk Repairs and Other Jobs

Whitlingham Marsh & Cooper Wood – Getting To Grips With The Vegetation

Thursday 18th May 2017

On Thursday, we returned to Whitlingham Marsh to finish off the path cutting. The good news was that we had the big DR mower back with us but only after Paula had wrestled it away from the service agent that morning!

First off there was a need for a few introductions. Twin brothers, Will and Ben, are work experience students from Easton & Otley College who come along on Thursday and Friday respectively.  Continue reading Whitlingham Marsh & Cooper Wood – Getting To Grips With The Vegetation

Cooper Wood – Ongoing Boardwalk Maintenance

Friday 10th June 2016

Cooper Lane is a quiet cul-de-sac sandwiched between Old Lakenham and the River Yare, close to it’s confluence with the River Tas (location F on the ‘Where we work’ page on our web site). It is down this lane that you will find ‘Cooper Wood’ where we were working today. A very tranquil and peaceful oasis very close to the busy Hall Road, yet the only intrusive noise you will hear is the occasional rattle of a train on the Wymondham line (which is just the other side of the river) on its way to Thetford and beyond. Continue reading Cooper Wood – Ongoing Boardwalk Maintenance