On the road with our Volunteers

Since we published our last Blog in May we have been busy roaming the hinterlands of Norwich tackling a variety of summer jobs keeping the footpaths clear and repairing and maintaining structures. So, here is a summary of what we have been doing. Continue reading On the road with our Volunteers

Summer Grass Cutting Campaign

Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Thursday 20th & Friday 21st July 2017

Over the past two weeks we have mostly been cutting grass and nettles and thistles and butterbur (Petasites hybridus) a lot more during visits to Earlham Marsh, Marston Marsh and Swardeston Common. Regular visits are needed during the summer months to keep the paths open and clear some species before they set seed and spread even further across our sites. Continue reading Summer Grass Cutting Campaign

Rerouting of a Marshland Pathway – Earlham Marsh

Friday 30th June 2017

This Friday we are back again at ‘Earlham Marsh/Earlham Millennium Green’ where we worked a few weeks ago, fencing off Willow tree stumps to stop the livestock (which are on this section of the marsh) eating all the new season’s tree shoots.

Two tasks today, one to cut down the rampant ‘Reed’ and other vegetation that is growing around the ‘Millennium Pond’. The other is to close off part of the deteriorating boardwalk and kissing gate and re-route it via an already installed kissing gate. Continue reading Rerouting of a Marshland Pathway – Earlham Marsh

Earlham Marsh – Fencing Pollarded Willows

Friday 21st April 2017

Back in October we cleared some fallen willows in a corner of Earlham Marsh and on Friday we returned to build a fence around the stumps. The site is grazed by ponies and cattle who love to eat fresh willow shoots so any new growth would not survive and the trees would not fully regrow. The willow will regrow from the stumps and the only answer is to fence off the area until the trees have matured sufficiently to withstand grazing. Continue reading Earlham Marsh – Fencing Pollarded Willows