Another Road Trip for our Volunteers

Following our three day residency at Swardeston Common during August our volunteers hit the road again to take their expertise to a number of sites around Norwich. We had a variety of tasks to undertake to keep on top of our Summer programme of cutting and clearing to maintain paths at our sites. So, as well as working our wonders at the sites we also had to remember which site to visit on which day! Anyway, it was an opportunity to explore Norwich and its surroundings. Continue reading Another Road Trip for our Volunteers

On the road with our Volunteers

Since we published our last Blog in May we have been busy roaming the hinterlands of Norwich tackling a variety of summer jobs keeping the footpaths clear and repairing and maintaining structures. So, here is a summary of what we have been doing. Continue reading On the road with our Volunteers

Rhododenron Removal

Following on from our two days of clearing Rhododendron in Spring Plantation, Taverham we moved on to Harrison’s Wood in Sprowston to hone our skills further. This time we were working in an area predominately populated with conifers so couldn’t burn the cut Rhododendron because of the high fire risk. The plan was to spend a few days cutting and stacking and then return to chip this at a later date. Continue reading Rhododenron Removal

A Round Up of Our Summer Jobs

It is the time of year when we tackle a range of jobs across many sites. Much of our summer work is cutting back along footpaths and catching up with maintenance jobs and the past few weeks have been typical for this time of year.

We start with Smockmill Common near Newton Flotman where on Thursday 26th July our volunteers cut back the edges of footpaths. A path running alongside the River Tas had become so overgrown that it was barely passable. Continue reading A Round Up of Our Summer Jobs