Cutting back the Rhododendron

We spent a few days thinning rhododendron at Spring Plantation back in 2017 and we returned on 31st January/1st February this year to continue working our way through this compact woodland that forms the plantation. One our previous Blogs, Spring Plantation – We’re Back includes a map and information about the site. Continue reading Cutting back the Rhododendron

A New Kissing Gate Installed

Friday 20th July 2018

Will our volunteers ever tire of installing kissing gates? Probably not since each one is different, and we are always (well mostly) up for a challenge. Looking back through our Blogs we have constructed many kissing gates over the past few years and each presents a different set of issues to overcome. So, on Friday 20th July we were at Spring Plantation in Taverham waiting for Annie from Broadland District Council to come and tell us what she wanted and where. Continue reading A New Kissing Gate Installed