Maintaining the Infrastructure

We get plenty of opportunity to build things around our patch which we enjoy doing because there is always something solid and tangible to show for our work. Recent workdays have enabled us to practice many of our building skills and fix and create structures to the benefit of our sites and the people that use them. Continue reading Maintaining the Infrastructure

Whitlingham Marsh and Train Wood – Maintaining Riverside Paths

Thursday 15th & Friday 16th June 2017

Our grass cutting work to keep paths open continues over two very hot days.

Our return visit to Whitlingham Marsh on Thursday 15th June after only three weeks found that the grass along the paths following the river and around the benches had grown considerably and needed cutting again. The recent spells of rainy and warm days had obviously provided just the right growing conditions for the grass and nettles which were already encroaching on the paths. Continue reading Whitlingham Marsh and Train Wood – Maintaining Riverside Paths

Train Wood – Fishing Platforms Installation

Friday 4th November 2016

This Friday was the culmination of three days’ work to install two fishing platforms on the river bank in ‘Train Wood’. The work started on Wednesday when some staff members from ‘Aviva’ had one of their regular ‘Team building’ days out with Matt and some of our regular volunteers. Continue reading Train Wood – Fishing Platforms Installation

Train Wood – Furniture Installation Part 2

Friday 23rd September 2016

Today we were back in ‘Train Wood’ carrying on from where we left off two weeks ago on 9th September, installing more benches along this section of ‘Marriotts Way’, and our work is very much as described in my blog on that day. Continue reading Train Wood – Furniture Installation Part 2