Bits and Bobs for February

For the past two months we have all been under lockdown and advised to stay at home other than for specified reasons. Our PM has announced the Roadmap to move us out of the restrictions and it looks like our volunteers could be released back into the wild from the end of March. In reality that probably means re-starting our work after Easter and initially under the rule of six. Continue reading Bits and Bobs for February

Water, water everywhere

We have had plenty of practice now for lockdowns, so it is easier to slip into the routine of not going anywhere and mostly seeing other people on a screen. We had a few weeks of volunteering in December and were ready to continue in January under Tier 4 regulations, but Lockdown 3 changed that, and we have been confined to barracks since. Continue reading Water, water everywhere

Volunteering News

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our volunteer numbers are limited, and we are unable to take on new volunteers at this stage.

However, if you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, then we would really like to add you to our reserve list so that when the restrictions are eased, we can get you on board. If this is of interest to you, then please contact us via our contact page here. 

Once we are allowed to take on additional people, we will then contact you to see if you are still interested and available.

Lockdown musings

Greetings Fringe Fans from Planet Covid-19!

We’re all missing more intimate contact with other forms of human life and for me that includes my fellow volunteers!  They won’t be surprised that I’ve selflessly continued the tradition of cake baking and eating, but haven’t held a pair of loppers in my hand for nearly 4 months (oh matron!). Continue reading Lockdown musings