Earlham Millennium Green Pond

The pond is situated next to the River Yare and can be found between Earlham Park and Earlham Marsh via a pathway that links the two areas. This busy pathway links the Three Score development with the UEA and the Research park and is a popular venue for dog walkers, walkers of the Yare Valley Walk and nature spotters alike. 

One of the regular sites we visit during the year, we noticed that during our visits to the site, that the existing pond was drying out during the summer months. The pond was also showing signs of silting up and was becoming overgrown by reed mace and willow scrub.

A contractor was employed with a tracked 360 digger to reprofile the pond, thin out the reed mace, remove the invading willow scrub and remove the silt from the pond. During this process the existing water plants found within the pond, like the water soldiers and water lilies, were protected and disturbance was kept to a minimum.

To provide a year-round water supply to the pond, a 350mm diameter twin walled plastic ribbed pipe was installed, which connected the pond to a nearby ditch system. Willow trees that surrounded the ponds edge were pollarded and are now being coppiced on a rotational basis. The slubbings/diggings from the pond were used to create, part of a circular pathway around the pond where previously an old wooden boardwalk existed.

Since the pond restoration work, the water lilies have increased and flourished, water levels are maintained during the summer months and the site is recognised as a place for seeing a variety of dragonflies and damselflies.

A recent project completed by our Norwich Fringe Project volunteers. was the removal of the existing old wooden dipping/fishing platforms that were situated around the pond and were replaced with longer lasting plastic ones.