St Faiths Common

his site has been managed by the Norwich Fringe Project since the early 1990’s on behalf of Broadland District Council and links into a network of footpaths which can take you on a circular walk around Whinney Hills and Houghen Plantation. Part of the site is managed as a lowland heath, which is a man made environment famous for its abundance of heather, that produces a swathe of purple when it flowers in late summer. 

The Fringe Project has been managing this site since the early 1990’s where we have created pockets of heathland at the Common by felling young trees, removing  layers of pine needles, leaves and bracken to reveal the mineral deficient layer underneath that is suitable for heather and this habitat to flourish.

We continue to improve the quality of this habitat by managing the encroachment of saplings, gorse, broom and bracken. This helps to maintain a diverse age structure and balance between the ratio of heather to gorse and bracken in the heathland areas.

Traditionally, heathland would have been grazed, however because of St Faiths Common being a small site, this is done mechanically by brushcutters or rotary mowers to control the areas from becoming woodland.

Different varieties of heather can be seen on this site, along with gorse, silver studded blue and small copper butterflies, adders and the common lizard to name a few.