A busy few weeks and now an abrupt stop!

It all seems a bit surreal not having our workdays to look forward to. We get the occasional two week break but not having any workdays planned and no prospect of these returning in the near future because of the threat of the Coronavirus is strange. I have been out with the Project for at least eight years and some volunteers are within reach of getting their long-service medals. Continue reading A busy few weeks and now an abrupt stop!

Pollarding the Limes

Our first visit to Charter Wood this season sees us thinning out a further area of the woodland. This time we concentrated on an area largely planted with oaks, limes and hornbeam. Matt Davies was in charge for both days (24/25 January) as Paula was on holiday.

The plan was to low-pollard the faster growing limes to give more space for the slower growing oaks. Pollarding reduces the height of the tree to around 3 or 4 foot, but it will continue to grow new shoots leading to a bushier shape. Continue reading Pollarding the Limes

Three Score Hedgerow Project

Friday 23rd February, Thursday 8th & Friday 10th March 2018

Our volunteers have been working on the restoration of an ancient hedgerow on the edge of the Three Score housing development in Bowthorpe. The hedgerow borders both sides of a grass track which was probably used by drovers moving cattle between Bowthorpe Hall farm to grazing areas on Bowthorpe marshes. The open land either side of the hedge was once farmland but has remained untouched for some years. The eastern side of the track is earmarked for housing and over the next decade will steadily take over the area.  The western side will remain as an open amenity area with wild flower meadows and paths. Continue reading Three Score Hedgerow Project

The Final Push

Thursday 8th & Friday 9th February 2018

So, it was back to Charter Wood for our intrepid band of volunteers to finish planting the extended woodland.

Our Thursday group once again had a crisp cold start and tackled the lower section where one of the pylons had been removed. A good-sized team was out today which was helpful because we had a large area to plant up.  Continue reading The Final Push