Stories from our isolation bubbles

In these confusing and rapidly changing times that we are experiencing, all of us here at the Fringe Project felt it was really important to keep in contact. To kick this off, Matt sent round an email to our volunteers asking them to send in their antidotes, stories and photos of what they have been up to during this time so that we could share them. Continue reading Stories from our isolation bubbles

A busy few weeks and now an abrupt stop!

It all seems a bit surreal not having our workdays to look forward to. We get the occasional two week break but not having any workdays planned and no prospect of these returning in the near future because of the threat of the Coronavirus is strange. I have been out with the Project for at least eight years and some volunteers are within reach of getting their long-service medals. Continue reading A busy few weeks and now an abrupt stop!

Taking a break for now

Due to the coronavirus we have reviewed our position regarding the Norwich Fringe Project volunteer work days, and we are sorry to say that we have decided to stop the volunteer work days usually scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays for the time being. As soon as we have any more information about when the work days will re-start we will let you know. Continue reading Taking a break for now

Maintaining the Infrastructure

We get plenty of opportunity to build things around our patch which we enjoy doing because there is always something solid and tangible to show for our work. Recent workdays have enabled us to practice many of our building skills and fix and create structures to the benefit of our sites and the people that use them. Continue reading Maintaining the Infrastructure