Enhancing our Fencing Skills

Following our success replacing 150 metres of fencing at Poringland Woods, Matt presented us with a new challenge – replacing around 180 metres of fencing alongside a dyke at Eaton Common. This was another major project requiring four days to complete. Continue reading Enhancing our Fencing Skills

Cattle Corral – All “OK” Now

Friday 27th April & Friday 4th May 2018

Our Friday group of volunteers made a return visit to Eaton Common on 27th of April to continue work on replacing the cattle corral. On a somewhat wet day they picked up where they previously left off digging holes for the remaining 11 posts. That’s a lot of work given that the posts are around 8 feet long and need a 3 foot deep hole. The posts, and therefore the holes, need to be perfectly aligned so that the rails fit and are also the correct distance apart for the gates.  Continue reading Cattle Corral – All “OK” Now