Days out with Friends

The Norwich Fringe Project support many Friends Groups around our area and our Volunteers recently worked with two of these groups to support them in managing their projects. The Friends Groups usually work in one area looking after a single site or several sites within their locality. Matt at the Fringe Project works with these groups writing a conservation management plan for their sites and leading them on their workdays. Continue reading Days out with Friends

Opening up the Footpath

Thursday 20th & Friday 21st September 2018

The Press love using comparisons to tell us how big something is. A common one is how many Olympic sized swimming pools could be filled by the item. Another favourite is comparing the length of something to a number of football pitches. Well, I am going to follow their example this week and tell you that the distance from the car park at Ketts Park to where we were working was the length of 2.5 football pitches (and the same back). That’s because we had to walk across these to get to our start point! And some of us did it two days running! Continue reading Opening up the Footpath

More Woodland Management With Greening Wymondham

Friday 12th & Saturday 13th January 2018

Our Friday group was back at Ketts Park to assist Greening Wymondham with the management of the woodland belt around the site. We were again joined by volunteers from Greening Wymondham. The task today was to continue our clearance work and also prepare for the Community Day on the Saturday. The aim was to do all required tree felling today so that there was plenty of material ready to process on the Community Day. Continue reading More Woodland Management With Greening Wymondham

Final Work Days For The Year

Thursday 14th & Friday 15th December 2017

We ended 2017 with two work days at Ketts Park, Wymondham, continuing the coppicing and thinning work started in November. We were again working with volunteers from ‘Greening Wymondham’ so we had a good sized team working through the woodland.

Paula had taken a well-earned holiday, so Matt led both of our days here this week. It was a return to wintery conditions on the Thursday with a light covering of snow throughout the woodland. Mattie was put in charge of building a new fire site closer to where we were now working. The damp conditions meant that the fire was slow to really get going but eventually took hold and we were able to clear the remaining brash from our last visit and get started on the day’s output. Continue reading Final Work Days For The Year