Days out with Friends

The Norwich Fringe Project support many Friends Groups around our area and our Volunteers recently worked with two of these groups to support them in managing their projects. The Friends Groups usually work in one area looking after a single site or several sites within their locality. Matt at the Fringe Project works with these groups writing a conservation management plan for their sites and leading them on their workdays. Continue reading Days out with Friends

Into the Woods

Over the past few weeks our Volunteers have had a busy time in a couple of our local woodlands. We re-visited an old friend in Bowthorpe and spent a couple of days in a woodland in Taverham. Continue reading Into the Woods

Marshes and Rain

Marston Marsh: On 15th November it was a day out on Marston Marsh to repair a fence and the path under the guidance of Matt H. One of the cattle had recently escaped from the grazing area and had tried to get onto Marston Lane at the Eaton Village end. (I wonder if it had an escape plan. Where was it heading next?) Fortunately, the field gate and entrance kissing gate provided a final barrier but the posts and rails around the gates were damaged and needed replacing. Continue reading Marshes and Rain

Autumn Tree Work

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th October 2017

Our Thursday and Friday groups continued their Autumn tree work at Charter Wood and Whitlingham Marsh although it was more like height of Summer than Autumn! The team were down to shirtsleeves very quickly once the sun shone and the early morning chill had burnt away.

At Charter Wood we continued coppicing the hazel and clearing of other trees as well as removing some lower side branches from trunks. As the area is cleared it becomes more difficult to work out where we started that day and how much we have done. Continue reading Autumn Tree Work