Another Road Trip for our Volunteers

Following our three day residency at Swardeston Common during August our volunteers hit the road again to take their expertise to a number of sites around Norwich. We had a variety of tasks to undertake to keep on top of our Summer programme of cutting and clearing to maintain paths at our sites. So, as well as working our wonders at the sites we also had to remember which site to visit on which day! Anyway, it was an opportunity to explore Norwich and its surroundings. Continue reading Another Road Trip for our Volunteers

Reaching the Summit

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th July

Over two very hot days we replaced the final section of fencing on Kett’s Heights to reach the summit. We started this project back in May and over a period of five work days the fence has been completed and is looking great. The old chain-link fence had reached the end of its life some time ago with rotten posts and collapsed fencing. Now a new post and rail fence, which will last for many years, provides a safe barrier alongside the path to the upper terrace. Continue reading Reaching the Summit

Replacing the Fence

Friday 25th May 2018

Our Friday group returned to Kett’s Heights in Norwich to start work replacing fencing on the upper terrace. The site was once the garden of the manager of the nearby gas works and includes many artefacts from the works such as bricks and pipes in its construction. There are a series of paths around the site gradually winding their way to the top. Continue reading Replacing the Fence

Above and Beyond

Thursday 15th March 2018

Our Thursday group gathered on Kett’s Hill to unload all the tools and equipment from the truck needed for the day’s work. Our intrepid band of Sherpas then carried everything up the steep path to the top of Kett’s Heights overlooking the fine City of Norwich (around 145 feet above sea level – very high for Norwich!). All this without ropes and oxygen! Our task today was to support the Friends of Kett’s Heights with clearing around the site and to plant new fruit trees. Paula and Matt H were on hand to supervise the dozen or so volunteers and work with the “Friends” team. Continue reading Above and Beyond