We are not alone!

Indeed, we are not alone! This is not about extra-terrestrials or little green men from other planets but about volunteers in local organisations doing similar work to our volunteers in the Norwich Fringe Project. There are many volunteers out there beavering away managing the countryside and our urban areas to conserve our green spaces and protect the environment. This was highlighted in a series of presentations at an Outdoor Projects Network (OPN) meeting recently organised by Norwich City Council (NCC). Continue reading We are not alone!

Pollarding the Limes

Our first visit to Charter Wood this season sees us thinning out a further area of the woodland. This time we concentrated on an area largely planted with oaks, limes and hornbeam. Matt Davies was in charge for both days (24/25 January) as Paula was on holiday.

The plan was to low-pollard the faster growing limes to give more space for the slower growing oaks. Pollarding reduces the height of the tree to around 3 or 4 foot, but it will continue to grow new shoots leading to a bushier shape. Continue reading Pollarding the Limes