Other News

Friends of Danby Wood (FoDW): The Norwich Fringe Project supports many “Friends” groups around the area. On Saturday 16th November Matt Davies led a workday with the FoDW where 32 volunteers from nearby Eaton Rise cleared glades, cut back ivy, picked litter and planted over 100 trees. We had a good fire going to burn the brash which left me with a rosy glow at the end of the day. Tim, who is a regular volunteer with the Norwich Fringe Project and an Eaton Rise resident brush-cut the glade. Continue reading Other News

We are not alone!

Indeed, we are not alone! This is not about extra-terrestrials or little green men from other planets but about volunteers in local organisations doing similar work to our volunteers in the Norwich Fringe Project. There are many volunteers out there beavering away managing the countryside and our urban areas to conserve our green spaces and protect the environment. This was highlighted in a series of presentations at an Outdoor Projects Network (OPN) meeting recently organised by Norwich City Council (NCC). Continue reading We are not alone!