Tree Belt Thinning

Our final four work days of the year have been spent at Jubilee Park, Rackheath, to thin-out a section of woodland and install a kissing gate on behalf of Broadland District Council.  The tree belt was planted in the late 1990s to surround a park created as part of a housing development that also saw the build of a new school. In common with similar tree belts the area was over-planted with many young trees that have since grown and compete with each other for light. Continue reading Tree Belt Thinning

Rackheath – Inner Tree Belt Coppicing

Friday 18th November 2016

This week ‘NFP’ has been at a site in Rackheath, – the inner tree belt – for three days, coppicing a wooded area that has been growing for about fifteen years. The wood is on a site that also contains a children’s play area, park grassland and footpath which connects different parts of Rackheath. Continue reading Rackheath – Inner Tree Belt Coppicing