Strawberries and Rain

Strawberry Field, near Eaton is a new location for our Volunteers and during November we made three visits to this site off Bluebell Road in Eaton all led by Paula. The field was once used for growing strawberries but has been fallow for many years. There is a well-used footpath along the field edge between Bluebell Road and the River Yare and in the summer the field is used for launching hot air balloons. Continue reading Strawberries and Rain

Marston Marsh – Marshland Management

Friday 22nd April 2016

You know, life is full of symbolism and special events that must be recorded. After the events of the last few days and being in a philosophical mood, I was thinking about the ‘Happy band of volunteers’ that Matt has gathered around him to pull (or push) him out of the quagmire his work sometimes gets him into.  With friends around you, you know that if you back yourself into a corner (or a marsh), they will always be there to pull (or push) you out of the rut that you find yourself in.  When you are up to your axles in it, usually friends are that diff-lock that can make all the difference, to dig (literally) you out of the hole you are in. Continue reading Marston Marsh – Marshland Management