Another Road Trip for our Volunteers

Following our three day residency at Swardeston Common during August our volunteers hit the road again to take their expertise to a number of sites around Norwich. We had a variety of tasks to undertake to keep on top of our Summer programme of cutting and clearing to maintain paths at our sites. So, as well as working our wonders at the sites we also had to remember which site to visit on which day! Anyway, it was an opportunity to explore Norwich and its surroundings. Continue reading Another Road Trip for our Volunteers

A day in the Country and then off to the Pub!

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th September 2018

We work on a variety of sites and most of these are very attractive places to spend a day. Some sites might be a little less attractive but interesting for other reasons. And so last week we visited a couple of sites which highlight this variation. Continue reading A day in the Country and then off to the Pub!

Grass Cutting and Water Control

Thursday 10th & Friday 11th August 2017

 Our Thursday group made an annual visit to the site of the Jolly Maltsters to cut the grass and generally clear up the site. The site, close to the football ground, sits on the corner of King Street and Carrow Road in Norwich and is within an area bounded by part of the old City Wall and Carrow Bridge House. The steps to the old pub cellar are just off the footpath and run down beside the old City wall. At this location, there is a constant stream of traffic along the inner ring road as well as many pedestrians so it is a noisy and busy place to work. Continue reading Grass Cutting and Water Control

‘’The Jolly Maltsters’’ Former Public House – Wildflower Meadow Management

Friday 28th August 2015

Our destination today was former public house called ‘’The Jolly Maltsters’’, located on the corner of King Street & Carrow Way.

I am sure that this has always been a busy place being close to the river and all the quays, that served the busy Norwich port. Today the traffic running past us on the ring road (this stretch of road carries both inner & outer ring road) was continuous with …Continue Reading