Around and About – A Digest of Recent Work Days

Bowthorpe Southern Park

We returned to the site to undertake further work along the new path linking Bowthorpe to Colney and the Norwich Research Park. A new footbridge linking Bowthorpe Southern Park to Colney was completed in September (please see our blog – “A day in the Country and then off to the Pub!” where we reported on how our volunteers had fenced-off a culvert along the path).  Continue reading Around and About – A Digest of Recent Work Days

Tree Thinning

Thursday 15th February 2018

Following a few weeks planting trees at Charter Wood we have now moved to the other end of the Norwich Southern Bypass to Whitlingham Marsh. Our Thursday group are working on the track which runs alongside the A47 which is a noisy spot with vehicles whizzing past at great speed.  Continue reading Tree Thinning