The Great Swardeston Rake Off

It’s that time of year again where we spend a few days at Swardeston Common cutting the meadow area. The meadow is looking great with a wide variety of flowers and lots of butterflies. But if we want it to look great again next year, we have to cut it all back and rake off all the cuttings. Otherwise everything will just die back and form a dense sward which will mainly benefit the nettles and more invasive species, but the variety of wildflowers will gradually diminish. Continue reading The Great Swardeston Rake Off

A day in the Country and then off to the Pub!

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th September 2018

We work on a variety of sites and most of these are very attractive places to spend a day. Some sites might be a little less attractive but interesting for other reasons. And so last week we visited a couple of sites which highlight this variation. Continue reading A day in the Country and then off to the Pub!

Annual Haircut for Meadow Completed

Thursday 16th& 23rd & Friday 24th August 2018

“Making hay while the sun shines” was the strapline for our Blog for August 2017 when we last cut back the meadow at Swardeston Common. The weather this year has been a bit mixed with a very hot day for our first cutting session at the end of July and then two rather wet days in August followed by an overcast day for our final session. Continue reading Annual Haircut for Meadow Completed

Start of our Summer Grass Cutting Campaign

Thursday 19th July 2018

Regular readers of our blogs will recognise a pattern of work on our sites which span the years. At sites such as Swardeston we annually cut back the wildflower meadows to enable a good growth for the following year. Without this work the species on the meadow area at Swardeston would reduce as old material collapses and rots down creating a nitrogen rich environment. Cutting and clearing the grass ensures a good crop of flowers and grasses for the insects next year. Continue reading Start of our Summer Grass Cutting Campaign