Finished thinning the tree belt

For the second year running our final workdays of the year have been at Jubilee Park in Rackheath. Over four days we thinned out around 170 metres of woodland along the western and southern boundaries and chipped all the arisings. The chippings were used on the footpaths that run through the tree belt. Continue reading Finished thinning the tree belt

Other News

Friends of Danby Wood (FoDW): The Norwich Fringe Project supports many “Friends” groups around the area. On Saturday 16th November Matt Davies led a workday with the FoDW where 32 volunteers from nearby Eaton Rise cleared glades, cut back ivy, picked litter and planted over 100 trees. We had a good fire going to burn the brash which left me with a rosy glow at the end of the day. Tim, who is a regular volunteer with the Norwich Fringe Project and an Eaton Rise resident brush-cut the glade. Continue reading Other News

Horsford Pits – Further Tree Thinning

We made another visit to the Horsford Watering Pit on Green Lane to continue our work thinning the willow around the pool. On the last day of February Matt D joined us to cut down a lot of the large willow trees and cut up the old picnic table and bench then departed back to the office leaving Paula and us volunteers to clear up. There were some large willow trees and Matt has the experience to deal with these. Continue reading Horsford Pits – Further Tree Thinning

Tree Thinning

On a warm and sunny Thursday our Volunteers took a 15 minute stroll along Mill Lane and into Green Lane to reach a small area of woodland which was our work location for the day at Horsford Pits.  Once the site of a public gravel pit, the workings have since been filled with construction waste and trees planted by the Trustees of the Charity that owns the pits. Since 1997 Horsford Parish Council has leased the site from the Trustees and maintained this as a haven for wildlife and as an amenity area for parishioners. We were here today to undertake some tree management work on behalf of the Parish Council. Continue reading Tree Thinning