Clearing Suter Drive Pond

Friday 14th September 2018

On Friday we ventured out to Thorpe Marriott to clear in and around a pond on behalf of the Broadland District Council. In an attractive spot between Marriott’s Way and Suter Drive a pond was gradually getting choked up with reed mace and needed to be cleared. There were also plenty of other jobs to do (for those who didn’t want to venture into the water!) including cutting back the sides of the paths, repairing broken rails on a kissing gate and replacing boards on a fishing platform. Continue reading Clearing Suter Drive Pond

Preparing for Autumn

Thursday 13th September 2018

It has been a bit of a strange summer in some respects with things not growing very much for a few months and then suddenly everything takes off just when we should be ramping down for the Autumn. A trip to Marston Marsh on Thursday found us taking on a variety of jobs to catch up with the recent growth spurt. There were path edges to cut and footpath repairs to get sorted. Robert and I took the brush cutters and set about the path that runs parallel with Marston Lane. Continue reading Preparing for Autumn