Matthew Davies came with a body of volunteers for a days work on The Lizard Trust in Wymondham.  He was very inspiring and motivational with a very positive attitude in enabling everyone present to feel that they had something to offer and that they achieved it.  We hope to have him and his volunteers back for further work during the next season as he has given me ideas about grant applications to fund it all.  So much to do and he is the man that makes you feel anything is possible!  Many thanks to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again in the autumn.

Jeannie Harris, The Lizard Charity

Greening Wymondham volunteers have been working with Matt Davies and the Fringe Project on managing a neglected woodland on the borders of Kett’s Park in Wymondham since October 2017. We have been inspired and enthused about the work and the leadership shown by Matt has been perfectly judged. We have attracted about 15 volunteers to each session and we consider this to be a successful community effort. We are looking forward with anticipation to starting again in the autumn.

Ann Rostron, Organiser at Greening Wymondham